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Hedgehogs’ Dilemma is Wrapped up!

Yes, that’s right!

The upcoming animated short “Hedgehogs’ Dilemma” is finished and on its way to post-production. Rob Wood helped me with the editing, fine-tuning those little timing aspects of the short and small details in colour that escaped me for some reason. Starting monday Matt Thomas, the school’s main sound designer, will be making a soundtrack for the short.

I can hardly wait to see it finished in its entirety!

The best compliments I have had so far have been from Moose, saying that he wouldn’t change anything timing-wise, Adam Rogers saying that he liked the colors I used and Rob Wood saying that I’m the first student to pull off a reddish-magenta (or a magentish red?) that he likes and its not annoying on the screen.

I can’t thank enough the amazing professional staff at VFS for all the knowledge, help and for being there hours after class, helping us achieve the best we could.

As a “Thank you”, I’m posting some of the backgrounds of my short. Hope you like them and feel free to comment!


HAPPY 2011!

As the second decade of the 21st century starts today, I just wanted to thank you for reading this blog, and I wish that this year is full of great animation, surprises, fun and success for all of you.


Happy 2011!!

Leica Reel Presentation 1… Success!

Lucky me, all the hard work put into refining the story has payed off!

I don’t have to change my story, I just need to refine the storytelling part of it. That means choosing a tighter timing for certain scenes or changing the composition a little bit, or just adding a few shots to help the story be told better.

I’m used to have lots of feedback, but this time around was just nodding… I had to dig a little deeper to get the information I needed. Still, it was a very enriching experience and I loved a lot of the films of my class. I hope we can make them shine as much as we want!

A big warm “Thank you” for all your support! Success! Next Wednesday we will have another presentation, so I’ll post on that matter as well.

Hello Marvelous World of Bloggin!

Hello hello!

Let me introduce myself. I’m a Guatemalan Graphic Designer trying to reach his dream of becoming a storyteller and, hopefully, make a living out of it.  This is gonna be my playground for ideas and the rules are pretty simple: you can suggest, you can shoot…but you shall remain polite at all costs. I don’t mind criticism, but I do mind rudeness. Let’s be happy!

Right now,   I’m on Term 4 at Vancouver Film School (VFS) and very soon I’ll start the production of my first ever short film, with the working title “Hedgehogs Dilemma”.

I’ll be also posting videos that inspire, make laugh, make sad or just…plain weird but interesting. Also truth about artwork and ideas….basically anything that can or could inspire you, no matter if you’re an animator, artist or just a happy wonderer in the seas of the net.

Cheers, and welcome aboard!