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Finally: Trailers and Posters!!

Hi everyone!

I’m delighted to post the trailers for my first two animated shorts. It has been a long ride for both of them but Im happy with the overall results. It was a huge learning experience and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

My classical Animation was made in 5 months (full time), and here is the Poster and the trailer:


Short Film Poster of Hedgehogs Dilemma

Short Film Poster of Hedgehogs Dilemma

And here’s the Classical Film Trailer:


The Flash Animated short, in the other hand, was done in less than three weeks. We “supposedly” had 1 month, but we still had lessons about Toon Boom Software as well as learning how to use Adobe Flash for animation.

Here is the poster for that:

The Summit Flash Film Poster

The Summit Flash Film Poster

And here is the Trailer:


Hedgehogs’ Dilemma is Wrapped up!

Yes, that’s right!

The upcoming animated short “Hedgehogs’ Dilemma” is finished and on its way to post-production. Rob Wood helped me with the editing, fine-tuning those little timing aspects of the short and small details in colour that escaped me for some reason. Starting monday Matt Thomas, the school’s main sound designer, will be making a soundtrack for the short.

I can hardly wait to see it finished in its entirety!

The best compliments I have had so far have been from Moose, saying that he wouldn’t change anything timing-wise, Adam Rogers saying that he liked the colors I used and Rob Wood saying that I’m the first student to pull off a reddish-magenta (or a magentish red?) that he likes and its not annoying on the screen.

I can’t thank enough the amazing professional staff at VFS for all the knowledge, help and for being there hours after class, helping us achieve the best we could.

As a “Thank you”, I’m posting some of the backgrounds of my short. Hope you like them and feel free to comment!

The MoodBoard and Color Script

Mood Board for Classical Film

Mood Board for Classical Film

The Mood Board is a collage of pictures, illustrations and everything in between that inspire your film idea.

I wanted to tell a love story and also wanted my short to be on the warmer spectrum of color.  I had very clear that for the conflict and for the resolution of my story (all good stories have some sort of conflict and resolution, I’ll write about that in another post) I wanted a very specific color scheme that I found on nature (for conflict, the yellow and orange found on the flower, top right of my collage. For love scenes, the magenta and pink found on the flower at the lower left of the collage.)

Now, I also wanted color to have a big part in the storytelling. Now, that’s a challenge for me, I don’t have the greatest perception of color in my class, so I’m taking it as a personal task. Color Theory class with Adam Rogers, one of the best teachers I’ve had in my life, was a weekly but enriching struggle. Thanks to his patience and encouragement, I’m stepping up to the quest!

I also wanted some reference on how Hedgehogs have been drawn in the past, for inspiration and creative fuel.  I’m still constructing the characters, but resolving the “Quills Dilemma” is really hard. Animation is a labor of love, and the inbetweening part is a really tedious task: I don’t have the time or patience to animate thousands of little spikes and color them. So the Hedgehogs have to be a terracotta color, with green surroundings.

The color Script is still on the sketching process. The color script is basically a guide of how color will be displayed throughout the whole story. The mood board helps to see color combinations that might help (or clash) and use them in the film.

By the way, all photos used in the Mood board are mine, only the Hedgehog’s illustrations aren’t.


Any color combination that you like here? Tell me about it!