Hello Marvelous World of Bloggin!

Hello hello!

Let me introduce myself. I’m a Guatemalan Graphic Designer trying to reach his dream of becoming a storyteller and, hopefully, make a living out of it.  This is gonna be my playground for ideas and the rules are pretty simple: you can suggest, you can shoot…but you shall remain polite at all costs. I don’t mind criticism, but I do mind rudeness. Let’s be happy!

Right now,   I’m on Term 4 at Vancouver Film School (VFS) and very soon I’ll start the production of my first ever short film, with the working title “Hedgehogs Dilemma”.

I’ll be also posting videos that inspire, make laugh, make sad or just…plain weird but interesting. Also truth about artwork and ideas….basically anything that can or could inspire you, no matter if you’re an animator, artist or just a happy wonderer in the seas of the net.

Cheers, and welcome aboard!


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